SOME of the Available chinchillas

  • standard male kit $200
  • Adult standard grey 1 year old $150
  • Dwarf black velvet male 6 months old $350
  • adult grey male rescue $100
  • adult violet male $450

Available in MAY 

  • ebony male kit $300
  • standard grey male $200
  • Ebony Angora male kit $1800
  • Pink white female kit $600

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Breeding Quality chinchillas.

Breeding quality animals come with  a complete pedigree. They are handled regularly. They are screened for Quality and Health.


We have a wide variety available right now Photos and prices of some are available below.

Updated 12/9/20

as availability changes frequently please contact us.

We promise that chinchillas are happy and healthy when they leave our care but since we cannot control the care they receive once they leave our care All exchanges or refunds are to our discression  Vet report must be provided and since the longest gestation for illness is 10 days. We offer a11 day health guaranty.  Rescues and retired breeders are exempt from and guaranty. Feeding any fruits, vegetables or not proving care to our standards will void any guaranty. The use of carefresh or paper bedding voids this guaranty as does showing up to pick up your chinchilla without a proper pet carrier.


Updated 4/29/21

pet quality only please email us for breeding quality list 


As breeders it is our responsibilty to take in unwanted chinchillas if we have the space. The adoption fee for rescues goes to Charity for Pets in Need or towards medical care needed for a rescue animal we do not offer any guaranty on rescue animals.

Pet Chinchillas.

Our pet chinchillas are screened for personality and health like all our animals.Pet quality chinchillas will not be sent home with pedigrees. kits are baby chinchillas


prices may vary

male kitfemale kitbreeding quality
standard grey150200

beige,  light ebony and light tan

medium ebony, black velvet, mosaic 300400400500
Extra dark ebony, brown velvet, sapphire, pink white, violet, white sapphire and white violet and dark tan350

Locken (curly), Goldbar/lowes


Contact us for availibilty


located in Bull Valley IL

text us at 815-922-2474 

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Retired Chinchillas

The chinchillas that are retired  may not come with Pedigrees. They are to go to pet homes only. females have been exposed to males and may be pregnant (retired animals list)



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